ISO 9001/14001/18001 Certified

About Job In HRL

HRL was established nearly 60 years ago to take up the jobs in public and private sector of multiple values. Named after two brothers Mr. M Rafiq (The Chairman) and Mr. Habib Ahmed (The MD) the work had only one dimension "The Hard Work". The conviction to improve, expand and rise has a history of 66 years and an infinite future. The reasons to select HRL for employment and or business are multiple. However, few of them are listed and narrated below for the sake of quick evaluation and understanding:-

  • HRL is a company with past and promising future.
  • HRL has been exposed to international standards of quality and work management through its continual working and perusual with recognized global names in industrial, housing, infrastructure and engineering sector. Hence the working environment is effective, friendly and integrated.
  • HRL is the first ISO 9001-2000, 14001 and 18001 certified construction company which gives them a qualitative edge in the market.
  • HRL is pursuing a wide spectrum of business and involving different Engineering, disciplines. It includes construction of power plants, high rise buildings, infrastructural development, chemical/petrochemical plants, Airports and Aviation and environmental projects. The company has engineering facilities too through their design associates and in house Engineering wings.
  • HRL is using the latest softwares on engineering, planning and evaluation areas. Most of these softwares and modules have been developed through an untiring effort and data collection spread out over years.
  • HRL has a policy of exposing the staff to multiple working models and disciplines through rotation of assignments. This gives every body at least the basic nag to work in a multiple disciplines environment.
  • HRL maintains one of the largest inventory of electro mechanical resources which gives a unique exposure and working environment.
  • HRL has corporate culture which supports inhibition and growth of individuals and the system itself.
  • HRL enjoys a broad market base capitalization vis-a-viz sound financial health. These parameters entail peaceful, docile and disciplined environment.
  • HRL has functional offices abroad. This creates an opportunity to serve the company outside Pakistan too. Moreover, a continuous improvement and replacement in conventional working systems is also taking place through induction of new, modern and state of the art systems. 

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