ISO 9001/14001/18001 Certified

Health & Safety Policy

Keeping it Safe
At HRL, a healthy organization means taking care of individuals involved in our activities and providing the best conditions for all. HRL believes in prevention instead of curing and therefore strives to create healthy physical and social work surroundings.

Our primary concern is protecting the safety of all personnel and equipment involved in HRL global operations. Therefore we impose certain duties upon employees and subcontractors that require them to conform to any local statutory or legal safety regulation in the location where they operate.

HRL definition of safety also includes the work environment. Therefore we take action to maintain a co-operative and supportive workplace.

HRL’s Health & Safety policy is realized by:

HRL management will carry out its activities in a manner that assures safety, health and security for its employees and avoid damages to Company assets.

  • Instill and promote safety consciousness amongst employees, sub-contractors and business partners to prevent and minimize accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses and illnesses.
  • Continually improve our safety practices.
  • Ensuring that HSE controls are in places, which fully comply with all applicable regulatory and other requirements.
  • Eliminate or reduce risks from our activities to acceptable levels.
  • Adherence to our health, safety programme is to achieve.


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